Clemmie’s Story by Helen PDWRA Vet Advisor.

Last October, six-year-old Clemmie found herself under the care of PDWRA and was placed in foster care with the intent of adoption. Upon her arrival, it became evident that Clemmie’s ears were in a dire state, causing her significant discomfort. She incessantly scratched at them, and her hearing was compromised due to the severity of the irritation.

Despite attempts by specialists to address Clemmie’s ear issues without resorting to surgery, her condition continued to worsen. Eventually, the only viable option was a specialised procedure known as a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA), which involves the complete removal of the ear canal. This operation is both challenging and intricate.

Clemmie underwent emergency surgery after it was discovered that she had an abscess in her middle ear during a CT scan. The procedure, which also included a TECA operation on her other ear, lasted four hours, The surgery alone cost over £2,500, excluding the expense of the CT scan.

Thanks to the financial support provided by PDWRA, Clemmie was able to receive the necessary treatments to prevent the infection from spreading to her brain, which would have ultimately resulted in her having to be put to sleep.

Fortunately, Clemmie is now on the path to recovery, and her owners are very grateful for the invaluable support from the PDWRA.

Without ongoing donations from our supporters, Clemmie might not have been able to receive this vital treatment. Now in recovery, Clemmie’s owners are deeply thankful for the PDWRA’s support.

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