Hello, everyone! My name is Maria, and I am a fawn Pug – but now rather grey, as I’m quite an old lady of fifteen years old! I now live in Kent, but I have not always lived here, so I am now going to tell you my story and how I came to live here.

I was born in the South-West of England, but once I was grown up, I am afraid to say that my early years were not very happy. I was bought by an amateur breeder and from my very first season, had to produce litters of puppies, so as my owner could make money. They were all taken away at a very young age and I never saw any of them again. I never lived in the house, just a small yard at the back, with a kennel. It was very cold in the winter and entirely unsuitable place in which to have puppies.

After some years in this unhappy situation, I suffered a prolapsed uterus as a result of such treatment and was no longer of any use to the puppy farmers. Fortunately, this was when I met PDWRA and as soon as I was collected, I knew I was in safe, kind hands. I was taken to a lovely warm house and was straight away given a bath (not such a pleasure!) and good food by my fosterer. Importantly, I also had good veterinary treatment for the prolapse. PDWRA did all this for me and once I was fully recovered, I was adopted by a lovely older lady, who loved me very much. We were close companions and dear friends and enjoyed some good years together, lots of fun and some very good times. 

Heartbreakingly, my dear old friend passed away and I was once again homeless. Fortunately for me, a young relative took me into her home and was very kind to me. However, she knew little or nothing about Pugs – we are a special breed, you see! – and although very well-fed from the delicatessen, I quickly had overgrown nails, infected ears, a skin infection I had had for a while really took hold and my dry eyes caused my eyes to crust over. After some happy time with my young friend, she was offered a job abroad and PDWRA stepped in again to help me and I was immediately placed with my new family in the Kent countryside. This was in the middle of lockdown in 2020, with all the difficulties with my collection and transportation that entailed!

When I first arrived in my new home, I slept for two days, without waking and everyone thought I must be dying. But at the end of the second day, I woke up and demanded roast chicken! I have had treatment for my dry eyes and my sight has been restored; my ear infection was treated and cleared up, and I have a regular manicure for my nails. The most difficult issue was my skin complaint, as the first vet we saw had not seen it before. Happily, PDWRA’s wonderful vet, Helen, had had a Pug with the identical complaint and she was able to work with a skin specialist at the amazing North Downs Specialist Referrals to devise a treatment plan for me. I still have to have the medicated baths – I always will do – but all my hair has now grown back and is soft and silky. 

Life is good. I enjoy my food tremendously – especially roast chicken! The other younger Pugs in my home know that I am an old lady and treat me with the respect I deserve. Very often, I have one sitting either side of me, keeping me warm and I really enjoy their company. In these summer months, I really enjoy sitting outside on the lawn, soaking up the sun. I cannot thank PDWRA enough for my good care!

Written by my Mum, on my behalf!

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