Kevin & Motsi were one of a number of bonded pairs that came to PDWRA recently, who couldn’t be separated. Here’s how their foster carer described them before they journeyed to their forever home:

“Motsi is totally devoted to Kevin. She follows him everywhere and wouldn’t even go up the garden without him. She is the happiest little pug I have ever met; we should connect her constantly wagging tail to the national grid and save us all on our electricity bills! She loves a cuddle either human, or with her “man” Kevin.

Kevin is not always the perfect gentleman though and will push her (gently) out of the way to be first to get a treat. He does look after her though when out on walks which he absolutely loves. He stays by her side, always waits for her and loves getting their leads tangled up. Kevin is also a happy pug and I’ve never heard him bark once!

They make the perfect couple and at a PDWRA fundraising Valentine Party this year, I thought it might be a good idea for them to be married in a little ceremony. It turned into a major event with bridesmaids, a wedding cake, confetti and the full glitz and glamour they deserved. It was even covered by the local press! Motsi made a beautiful bride.”

So here they are completely settled at their forever home, ‘enjoying’ lockdown – love & attention 24×7 – who wouldn’t?!