Jasper’s story

This is Jasper. ย This is his story so far.

Jasper’s foster Mum tells us:

โ€œJasper, a beautiful, handsome boyย came into my life.ย  Heย sadly had been diagnosed with the spinal condition hemivertebrae which, despite Veterinary intervention, meant he could not walk unaided.ย  He came with a set of wheels though, and speeds around on these, easily keeping up with the other pugs in my grumble while out walking.

In the house, he pulls himself along on his front legs, with a little bit of assistance from the hind legs, especially on carpeted areas where he can gain more traction.ย  A course of hydrotherapy, and twice daily exercise sessions have helped, and he will now venture into the garden without his wheels.ย  This gives him a measure of independence which was the aim.

Heโ€™s integrated into our grumble with no trouble at all and looks so cute especially in his trouser-suit: but he does look glum in it, perhaps I chose the wrong colour! ย Donโ€™t be fooled though, he has a temper if things donโ€™t go his way! โ€œ

Stay tuned for updates on how Jasper gets on ……