Jacob’s story – Chapter 2

This is Jacob. ย This is the first part of his story.

“My name is Jacob. Iโ€™ve heard people say that I am the naughtiest pug ever to come through rescue. I donโ€™t know why, it’s utter lies! I was VERY poorly when they found me, needing lots of love and extra special care.

I moved into a house for ‘fosters’ to take lots of medicines, have special baths & extra food to gain some weight.

I had a new family waiting for me. They visited me a few times. My foster home Mum kept telling them I was a โ€˜pickleโ€™ & a โ€˜menaceโ€™ which was untrue.ย I was just making sure all of her other foster dogs knew who was in charge.

Finally I settled at a ‘forever home’ with my new family & 2 pug sisters, not brothers! Itโ€™s a full time job keeping them on their toes. I’m exhausted by it. ย I’ll tell you more next time …”


Part 2
“Hi, Jacob here again! ย Can you believe that when I arrived at my new forever home they had square corners on all of their kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and skirting boards? Iโ€™ve had to chew all of them so that they now have nice rounded corners. No-one had ever weed up any of the table and chair legs either, so now I have to do that to make up for it.
But donโ€™t get me started on the garden …. they keep plants in pots or borders around the edges instead of strewn across the lawn! Itโ€™s such hard work digging them all up!
Then to make matters worse, they moved house & I had to start my home improvement list all over again! I have been so unimpressed by this (and their ungrateful attitude as they are always telling me off for it!) that I secretly dug underneath the fence to escape to my neighbours – but they brought me home, and some strong-looking men arrived to replace all of our fences with new ones! Now there is no way underneath them & believe me, I have tried!
I am ingenious though, and I am currently scaling all of the pots, borders, tables, chairs … Iโ€™m sure one of them will raise me high enough so that I can jump over?
Until next time …..”