Little Luna, Happily Adopted!

Little Luna, Happily Adopted!

You may remember the special appeal for Luna, the young pug looking for her forever home with no other dogs.
Well, she found one with Faye, and didn’t have to wait too long!

As soon as Faye saw our post, she applied.  She has adopted from us before, is an experienced dog owner and was looking for a challenge!

This little lady has been as good as gold (well mostly), and loves being the centre of attention as we knew she would.

Special thanks go to her foster carer Tina, for taking such good care of Luna whilst in foster and preparing her for her forever home.

Luna has been renamed Sandra by Faye, and she says this about her:

” Our beautiful Sandra has been a part of our family for 2 months now & has settled right in.  We utterly adore her.  She’s our perfect pug princess, pocket rocket!

She is doing really well, still a bit reactive on walks but nothing we can’t handle.  She has settled right in & very much ‘rules the roost’ even barking at my eldest son in the morning until he gets out of bed & gives her cuddles.

She spends a lot more time with my Mum who sadly lost her dog and asked if Sandra could be her therapy pet, a role Sandra takes very seriously! ”


Young Luna needs a No-Dog Forever Home!

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