This not-so-little lady, Betty, was purchased by a retired couple who saw her advertised on ‘Gumtree’. They thought taking her for walks would help their own failing health, as well as with her weight – but sadly this wasn’t the case.

6 months on, Betty had gained about 3kgs (probably the equivalent of us gaining about 3 stones). The couple knew they had made a mistake and weren’t helping her – they hadn’t researched the breed. They were feeding her human food along with her own, and they lived in a flat so there was no garden to explore or exercise in.  A family member contacted us to see if we could help – and of course we could.

Betty was only 3 years old, but moved like a pug 3 times her age. She was panting heavily and struggling to breathe but was keen to kiss me all over whilst I talked to her owners when I collected her. They were genuinely fond of Betty, who was bursting with personality, and I told them all about the bootcamp she would soon be starting.

This was Betty after a half-hour drive to her foster carers house. Her amazing foster carers soon started to whip her into shape with a steady, nutritious diet and regular walks, along with another pug to play with, which always helps, of course!

Betty has been adopted by a loving family, who will tell us in Part 2 of her story, how she’s getting on.