Sandbach 2019

Last Sunday PDWRA headed for Sandbach and a fund raising party hosted by Becky Willis and her husband Stephen.  It was traditionally hosted by the West Pennine PDC, with PDWRA attending, but as the WPPDC had decided to not hold a party, we were very grateful to take up the invitation.  The event was masterminded by Andrea Slater who is our Trustee running the area we call “Central,” with chairman/treasurer Robin Coulter doing quite a lot of running around over the entire weekend.

We were so lucky with the weather.  The forecast had been definitely dodgy throughout the week and was not great for the day itself, but while heavy showers descended in nearby areas, we got away with a tiny short lived sprinkle and then back to lowish cloud and sunshine which was perfect pug weather.

There were lots of different stands; the biggest being Simply Puggery run by Christine Reynolds Garofalo and Julian Reynolds from Milton Keynes.  They are well known to many pug people for Christine’s incredible artistic talents combined with Julian’s technical skills in producing really different gifts and must haves. You can of course find her on Facebook. Justin Cody Taylor had a stand with something quite different, models carved from coal.  You can find him on Instagram @taylorspugs. He models other breeds of course and I just had to buy a little black pug.  Maggie Wright was there with her handicraft stand – there is talk of a craft day being held at her home this autumn for people with nimble fingers wanting to share their ideas. Joyce and Ray Clark attended with their stand of beautiful cards Joyce makes and so generously regularly donates to PDWRA.

The tombola and raffle stand were run by Wendy Tudor Morgan, Kath Slater, Rob and Lorna Soar and Clare Watson whose son Luke had made a new tombola drum for Central.  The tables loaded with prizes sold out of tombola items thanks to the great salesmanship and there were some great raffle prizes as well.  Cynthia Timbury brought the Breed Health Stand, Steve and Lynne Kellow with Valerie Beadsmoore’s assistance ran the refreshment tent and Andrea and Lisa Butland, who looks after the Yorkshire area which is part of “North” ran the PDWRA stand, answering questions about adopting and fostering pugs and selling mugs and cushions at the same time.  Our talented photographer, Kelly Rawlins was kept busy with a photography booth which was very popular and it is Kelly we have to thank for the photographs here.  Peter Mount was kept pretty busy with the merchandise from set up to shut down.

Over in the rings, Judith Coulter and Dawn Bailey with help from Becky Willis ran the agility course which is always popular with young and old (pugs and humans) and Catherine and Grace Rutherford ran the games area.  Judith had also found time to make a giant Pugtato in a basket with a bottle of Prosecco added in for a Lucky Number game which was won by Kay Greene much to her delight. I think Kay had plans for the Prosecco and the Pugtato was heading in the direction of her little granddaughter.

There were 26 entries in the Welfare Parade with the traditional awards going to the oldest dog and bitch; Alfie Beadsmoore twelve and three quarters and Dottie Slater aged fourteen and a half.

The Fancy Dress was quite spectacular and showed Sam Scott Mance’s creativity and sewing skills.  The wonderful Pickle was dressed as Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig and Harry Potter was himself re- enacted by Richard Scott Mance.  I gather the work in the head piece alone took many hours to fit Pickle so snugly but comfortably and her body costume was on elastic under her upper body.  The runners up were equally creative, ‘Our Cleaner Mrs Mop’ and ‘Fred and Wilma Flintstone.’  Thank you to everyone who took part.

Towards the end of the day there was a mini – auction with a beer barrel decorated with pugs by Tina Dykes, a foot stool donated by Pat Hicks Plant and a pug garden bench donated by Simply Puggery.  I think we might see the barrel filled with water for the pugs at future events.

It was a great day and thank you to the many supporters who travelled from across the country, generously donated, bought and brought refreshments with them for the buffet.  Penny Munzer’s Walter and Deena Lidgett’s Fatty quietly celebrated their first anniversary with Fatty in another splendid gown designed and made by Sandra Hill.

Thanks must go to Helen Harrington and Emily Fisher and many others who helped with the set up and break down and the general running around.  Hopefully, I have not forgotten anyone.  Many hands really do make light work.

The big count up at the end of the day was well over a thousand pounds and then there was a surprise, very generous cheque from John and Andrea Heron, so a big thank you to John and Andrea.  That £1,000+ was well and truly taken care of the following day with a vet bill for Tilly who has had specialist orthopaedic surgery with more to come on her other leg.  Her legs had already improved with hydrotherapy before surgery.

The really scary fact is that PDWRA has already paid veterinary bills of £145,873 up to the end of August, so every penny counts whether it is raised through small parties or stamp collecting, auctions (and where would we be without the Mega Auction?)  We really do appreciate your support.

Click to see some of Kelly’s lovely photos.