Roxy and Missy

Roxy was surrendered to the UKBTR (Boston Terrier Rescue) group, who were happy to enlist some help from PDWRA to find a home for Roxy (and daughter Missy).

Roxy was born in Hungary, and lived there with her human family. ย They all then moved to Cyprus. ย Unfortunately due to illness, the family were unable to give Roxy and Missy the care they needed, and the pugs were surrendered to UKBTR and brought over to the UK.

PDWRA found the perfect home with Susan, however she is in NW Wales, and Roxy was in foster care in Basingstoke! Through the concerted effort of 3 volunteers, we managed to create a train of transport, and Roxy arrived safely on Saturday, at her forever home.

She has immediately made herself at home, and Elmo, Susanโ€™s 8 year old, one-eyed pug, is quite happy to share his home. ย Susan is absolutely delighted, and is besotted already!

This is a wonderful heart-warming story and shows how much can be achieved by breed rescues working together …

… and watch this space for an update on Roxy’s daughter Missy!