Ozzy and Dot

Meet Ozzy and Dot.

Please say a double thank you to Samantha and Gemma who have adopted Ozzy and are long-term fostering Dot.

Ozzy and Dot are a lovely bonded couple who have been together for years. ย Ozzy and Dot came into PDWRA foster at the beginning of May. ย Little did we know at the time that Dot had a number of health issues including pyometra, BOAS and decaying teeth. ย Dot has been a real little trouper and has undergone several surgeries, however she is not fit enough to be placed in adoption as she is at high risk of developing serious breathing issues as she gets older.

Despite all this, Samantha and Gemma are fostering her, which means she can live out her life with Ozzy. ย Thank you so much for giving Ozzy and Dot a fantastic forever home.