Having retired and moved to Devon, my husband Malcolm and I, who are retired vets, thought it would be good to do some voluntary work. Since we had a resident pug, Hugo, and we knew of all their health issues, I decided to contact PDWRA, which is when I ‘met’ Jane McAllister, who was then looking after Wales as well as the South West. That was in Spring 2018. She asked if we’d like to foster Suki (who, of course, never left!), and it quickly escalated from foster carer, to VAC for Wales, Veterinary Advisor, and a Trustee. I also regularly help out in other areas, including Central presently.

It takes up a huge amount of time, but is very rewarding, especially when, either through fostering or veterinary advice, a pug’s quality of life can be transformed.

Malcolm has also really supported the charity with his specialist orthopaedic and neurology advice, sadly too often needed with pugs.

Our resident pugs are Hugo, now 8 years old and our original pug, along with our 2 PDWRA rescues Suki now 10 years old, and Doug, who is 5; however between fosters and our youngest daughter visiting with PDRWA rescue Prince, we can have 6 pugs around at any one time!