If you’re walking your dog or holidaying in new, particularly grassy, areas, you may want to be extra vigilant regarding ticks.  They can be present all year round and are not just a warm weather hazard.

Ticks are 8 legged parasites, related to spiders, that lurk on grass to attach to your dog (mammals) and feed on their blood.  They rank second to mosquitoes in spreading infectious diseases to both pets and people.  So please regularly check your clothing and your dog after walking in potentially high risk areas.

There are many ways to avoid and prevent you or your dog from getting them, including safe repellent, or tick-control products.  Although very tiny, they can swell up to the size of a pea after feeding on your dog.  If you identify one on your dog, your vet should be consulted to ensure safe removal and no further consequences.

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