Aurora’s Story

Aurora came to be part of our family on 26 June 2012 when only 4 weeks old, weighing 0.5 kg and within just a couple of hours after having surgery to remove her right eye due to severe infection.

4 Week Old Pug Dog Aurora

4 weeks old – 2 days after surgery

Aurora had been taken to a veterinary practice to be euthanased. The practice felt she would have a good quality of life with one eye and so operated and sought a new home.

I will never forget the veterinary surgeon telling me how Aurora’s eye had literally exploded during the surgery so overwhelming was the infection – something the vet had not experienced before.

We were contacted as we known to the practice due to our 2 puggy brother boys – Walt and Disney, then 8 years old. We did not hesitate when the call came at about 6pm that evening – within 15 minutes we were at the practice, completely unprepared and inexperienced in raising such a young pup. We came home with Welpi and baby dog food – although we knew that milk was all Aurora needed initially. We bathed Aurora’s eye as directed by the practice, however unfortunately Aurora’s wound broke down, splitting open due to infection just 4 days post operation – this was soon healed though with antibiotics.

That first night home I contacted my friends at Pug Welfare via their Facebook page – the support and advice was overwhelming – I soon knew exactly what to feed Aurora with and how to feed her.  Pug Welfare friends were truly amazing, with some people even offering me their telephone numbers so I could call them if I needed any help or advice at any time. I’ll never forget the level of support and kindness everyone gave us – one of the enormous benefits of modern technology and communication systems!

Sadly, just 4 weeks later, Aurora spontaneously and rapidly developed a deep corneal ulcer in her left eye.

8 Week Old Pug Dog Aurora

8 weeks old – visiting in hospital

I will always remember the phone call my husband made to me at work – I was distraught and anxious and feared the worst. When I came home, Aurora was crying with pain. It was around 3pm and I picked the phone up immediately to our specialist veterinary practice who knew our 2 boys very well, having treated their eye conditions for the past 8 years. They agreed to see Aurora immediately and we travelled the hour journey at haste.

Aurora was then treated intensively in Willows specialist veterinary hospital for nearly a week and came home on 21 treatments a day, including through the night. We persevered with treatments and reviews for some weeks. Together, we saved her eye and ultimately her sight. We had insured Aurora within a day of her joining our family – however due to her right eye being removed the left eye was not valid for inclusion on the policy. The cost of Aurora’s treatments had run into several thousands of pounds and it was at this time that PDWRA helped us.

Pug Dog Aurora with Fleece

10 weeks old, wearing a fleece made for her by Lynne Flynn, a Friend of Welfare

Aurora will require expensive eye treatments for life – currently 3 treatments a day, which we willing pay for. Aurora is a delightful and very pretty girl puggy (I know I am biased!!).

Now weighing 6.5 kg, Aurora at 10 months old is a happy, mischievous, and loving puggy.

Although Aurora requires further eye surgery in May, it will be worth this to help protect her eye as much as possible. We are blessed to have Aurora join our family, she is much loved by all, including her much older puggy brothers Walt & Disney (most days!).

Pug Dogs Aurora, Walt & Disney

with older brothers Walt and Disney

Thank you everyone at PDWRA for all your help, advice and support – your charity is a most worthy cause and you will have our support forever!

Kay Greene
March 2013