Polly and Primrose perform at the carnival

‘There is a saying about never working with children or animals if you want to avoid public
humiliation and embarrassment.

The end of June heralds Par Carnival week and on the Saturday we have a parade through the village
which always attracts a good turnout of both spectators and floats. I’d been working on the patio all
day but managed a quick shower and with the dogs in tow we headed off just in time to watch the
festivities. It was the usual great effort for such a small village with local brass bands and fairy
queens in attendance as well as a variety of other floats.
We watched for a while with Polly and Prim enjoying the attention they were getting from other spectators. After a while boredom set in and they were pulling at the lead so we decided to walk down into the village and onto the beach where things would be a bit quieter and they could run free and unfettered.

We dashed across the road between the Indian Queens fairy queen and a lorry loaded with a number of Elvis lookalikes. Half way across the road and under the front wheels of the
lorry Polly dug her heels in and decided to do a number two on the white line!! Everything ground to a halt as she went about her business with the crowd cheering and yelling encouragement. I was mortified but when a pug digs it heels in there is little you can do but wait and have a bag ready. I was left red faced at Polly’s timing but mightily relieved that I had remembered to bring some pooh bags. I breathed a sigh of relief at the conclusion of her business, gave a shallow bow to the spectators and we trotted off down the hill. Perhaps I’m overly self conscious but in situations like this I just wish I could be anywhere else.

That was when I heard my name being called. It was some friends on the other side of the road
beckoning us to join them. We bided our time and as coincidence would have it we once again
nipped across between the Fairy Queen and the Elvis lookalikes. Unfortunately the coincidences didn’t end there…

as another pair of heels dug in and I looked around to see Prim taking a leaf out of her sisters book and also going about her business on the white line. I pulled but there was no shifting her. Again we had cheers of encouragement and the driver of the Elvis float beeped his horn repeatedly just to make sure no one was unaware of what was happening. Once again I have never been so grateful to find a pooh bag in my pocket but the relief was far outweighed by the double
dose of public humiliation. They say lightening never strikes twice in the same spot – well it was
bl**dy close to it. Next year I will make sure both have gone about their business before we venture

I would like to add one final note on the subject of this blog. The girls have recently visited the vets to have their anal glands expressed – a messy but necessary undertaking which helps keep them healthy and your upholstery clean. Although I’ve been told this is a job which falls within the realms of DIY I much prefer to leave it in the safe hands of our veterinary nurse who is a well practised exponent of the task. Both the pugs were also weighed. Prim came out at a healthy 5.5 kilos – a significant increase when one considers she was four and a bit kilos and her ribs were showing when she arrived. Polly weighed in at a buxom 6 kilos, an increase of half a kilo but tells me it is all muscle!’

Written by their owner Dave.