Suffolk Pug Party June 2016 – report and photos

This report was written by Hester Kemp who spent the afternoon taking some wonderful photographs for PDWRA.

Visit Hester’s page on Facebook – Hester Kemp Photography – to see lots more photos.


Yesterday I went along to Suffolk’s first Pug Garden Party at Earlsway Farm. This wonderful event was organised by a good friend of mine, Debbie Symes, and was in aid of The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (PDWRA) of which she is a trustee.

I’ve known Debbie for over a year now, and have previously photographed her horses, so it was a pleasure to be able to get some photos of the day for her and for the PDWRA.

Debbie has several pugs of her own (5 at my last count) and fosters many of the rescue pugs until a home can be found for them. She currently has just the one foster pug, but over Christmas she had 8 pugs running round her house, not to mention their two terriers! It was lovely to be able to catch up with some of her past foster pugs who are now in loving new homes, and some with lovely new names!

The garden party was incredibly well attended by lots of pug friends and their owners, and it was wonderful to see them all socialising and having fun together. Having sampled some of the cakes on offer I can testify that they were indeed yummy, and happily lots of money was raised for the PDWRA, which is so important for the welfare of future rescue pugs and for the continued support for foster pugs from the charity!

I was able to donate a voucher for a free photoshoot to the raffle, so I will look forward to getting some photos of the winners dogs in the future!

A big thank you to all who attended or volunteered their time, and to Debbie and her husband for making such a huge effort to make a memorable afternoon. It was a glorious afternoon and I really enjoyed meeting all the pugs and Friends of the Pug Dog Welfare.

PDWRA and Scotland

PDWRA is pleased to announce that it now has an increased presence in Scotland following a meeting held at Haddington on 16 April 2016. Thank you to SPDC for making this possible.

Scotland will be headed up by Emma-Jane Coutts who now holds a PDWRA phone to take all enquiries relating to rescue and rehoming.

The official number is 07590 440294

Answerphone may ask you to leave a message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

The increasing number of calls from pug owners in Scotland needing to rehome their dogs made us more aware that not only is Scotland very large, but very spread out when it comes to transporting dogs to and from their new homes.

We are pleased to have recruited help from many volunteers, and the photograph below shows some of our helpers who were able to attend the meeting.


Back row l-r: Melissa Findlay, Karren Ralph, Hazel Pearson (Trustee for the North)

Front row: Helen Watson, Emma Coutts.

PDWRA will give full support to Emma and the Scottish team with back up from Hazel Pearson if required. The Team hope to be able to raise awareness via Meet-Up Groups throughout Scotland.

Should you wish to volunteer, please contact Emma at the above number.

Microchips – further update

Together with most other breed rescues, PDWRA has always retained ownership of pugs adopted through our charity. Pugs were chipped into the charity’s name, using our registered address, and giving the contact details of the adopter as well as an emergency PDWRA contact number.

With the new regulations which came into force on 6 April, this is – unfortunately – no longer possible.

Having waited for Petlog, Anibase and other microchip companies to roll out new online amendment forms, we discovered that the system used by Petlog does not allow breed rescues such as PDWRA to amend details of dogs previously rehomed and chipped into the charity’s name, into dual ownership of both the charity and the keeper.  Pettrac was the only microchip company to offer this option, by giving (as required by the new regulations) the name, address and contact details of the adopter as the keeper of the dog, but also listing dual ownership with PDWRA and giving an emergency PDWRA contact number.  Anibase have recently contacted us to inform us that they will now offer a similar option.

PDWRA has now been able to achieve the task of making almost all these amendments, which we were able to do, free of charge, on behalf of those who have adopted pugs from our charity.  New keepers should receive a copy of the amended certificates by post from the microchip company with which their pug is registered.

All incoming pugs will now have their microchips re-registered by PDWRA directly into the name of the new keeper, as outlined above.

If anyone has any queries concerning the microchip details of their PDWRA pug, please email us at and we will do our best to assist.

New Trustees for PDWRA

The Annual General Meeting of The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association was held on Sunday, 20 March 2016.

HH Judge David Wilcox stepped down as a Trustee, but will continue to support PDWRA as one of the Charity’s Vice-Presidents.

PDWRA is pleased to announce the appointment of 5 new Trustees:

Mrs Jemma Middleton (South Area)
Mrs Hazel Pearson (North Area)
Ms Andrea Slater (Central Area)
Mrs Debbie Symes (East Area)
Mrs Emma Tuke-Bennett (Central Area)

In 2016 so far we have been asked to find new homes for more than 40 pugs, across the country.   Vets’ bills this year are already in excess of £30,000 – an increase of 65% on this time last year.

Pickle the Pug goes to Crufts

Pickle Crufts

Pickle the pug (owned by PDWRA Trustee Sam Scott-Mance) was voted 2nd cutest dog to be at Crufts on the first day, when she and Sam worked very hard greeting members of the public on the Discover Dogs breed booth.   Well done and big thanks to Pickle and Sam.