Microchips – further update

Together with most other breed rescues, PDWRA has always retained ownership of pugs adopted through our charity. Pugs were chipped into the charity’s name, using our registered address, and giving the contact details of the adopter as well as an emergency PDWRA contact number.

With the new regulations which came into force on 6 April, this is – unfortunately – no longer possible.

Having waited for Petlog, Anibase and other microchip companies to roll out new online amendment forms, we discovered that the system used by Petlog does not allow breed rescues such as PDWRA to amend details of dogs previously rehomed and chipped into the charity’s name, into dual ownership of both the charity and the keeper.  Pettrac was the only microchip company to offer this option, by giving (as required by the new regulations) the name, address and contact details of the adopter as the keeper of the dog, but also listing dual ownership with PDWRA and giving an emergency PDWRA contact number.  Anibase have recently contacted us to inform us that they will now offer a similar option.

PDWRA has now been able to achieve the task of making almost all these amendments, which we were able to do, free of charge, on behalf of those who have adopted pugs from our charity.  New keepers should receive a copy of the amended certificates by post from the microchip company with which their pug is registered.

All incoming pugs will now have their microchips re-registered by PDWRA directly into the name of the new keeper, as outlined above.

If anyone has any queries concerning the microchip details of their PDWRA pug, please email us at secretary@nullpugwelfare-rescue.org.uk and we will do our best to assist.