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Information Guides

The Kennel Club has developed a collection of Information Guides for prospective and existing dog owners.
Each guide is designed to give you key information and advice about some of the different issues you may face during your relationship with your dog.

A few of the titles are listed below.

  • Common canine poisons in the house and garden
  • Do you know dog law?
  • Puppy socialisation
  • Introducing dogs to children or babies

For further information, visit The Kennel Club website, select Our Resources from the top menu bar, scroll down and then select Information Guides.  Each guide is free to download.


Say Goodbye to Interdigital Cysts

by Kathy Newsome

Go to a saddlers and buy some Animalintex, which is normally for horses. Follow these instructions:

  1. Cut the pieces of lint into little squares
  2. Put the solution onto a plate with hot water and soak the lint
  3. Squeeze some of the excess water out
  4. Put the lint between your dog’s toes over the cysts
  5. Place plastic bags over the paws. You can fasten them with Micropore tape
  6. Put baby boots over the bags
  7. Leave for a few days.

The cysts will disappear forever!


Best Fitting Harnesses

Fleece harnesses: all sizes of comfy and washable fleece harnesses are available from Xtradog  and are thoroughly recommended.

Sharon Lloyd Andrews uses Puppia for itchy Maisie and washes it in non bio washing powder and Pat Hicks Plant suggests looking at adjustable Puppias for wriggly Pugs.


Dealing with Urine Stains

by Audrey Anderson

Pug Dog OliverMost pet owners will have had to deal with ‘accidental’ pee puddles from their pets and if it happens to be on the carpet it can be difficult to deal with. I have found Methylated Spirit a boon in such cases.

Soak up the excess wet of the urine (I use kitchen towel) until the ‘patch’ is damp dry, place the methylated spirit in a spray bottle and spray over the ‘patch’. This does two things, it deodorises and disinfects, saves wetting the carpet again and because meths. is a spirit it evaporates and takes the smell with it.

Follow the same procedure if dealing with a ‘leg lifting’ problem against the settee. A word of caution, if your carpets and furniture are light coloured it is always better to test a bit of meths. on a corner of fabric just to make sure it will not stain. Methylated Spirit is a purple colour and can be bought at most chemists.  A 500ml bottle costs under £2 and lasts a long time if used as a spray.

It is also useful for deodorising the foul smell of anal gland secretions when travelling with the pugs, I always have a small spray of meths. handy. It has often saved me from arriving at an appointment smelling like I have stepped in something!  A quick spray on the pug’s bum will eliminate traces of anal gland on seating both in the vehicle and home.

A further use… this given to me by a vet. If treating more than one dog with an ear preparation, a drop of meths on cotton wool wiped round the applicator between dogs saves having to have two lots of ear drops on the go.  If you have never used meths., you will  notice that it has  quite a pungent smell of its own, this however evaporates fairly quickly after use.

Liver Cake for Your Dog

by Charlotte Swateridge

This is what I use for ingredients:

  • 1lb (0.45kg) of liver
  • 1lb (0.45kg) of wholewheat flour
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 eggs

Place everything into liquidiser and blend till smooth. I then put this into a round cake tin and buy gravy bones and stick them down the sides, so it looks like a crown! Bake until cooked, about 40mins.