Cuddly Pugs

299ย fawn Cuddly Pugs and 299 black Cuddly Pugs have now gone to their new homes! ย Only one fawn pug and one black pug remain – No. 300ย in each colour, and both these Cuddly Pugs will be auctioned very soon in our forthcoming Christmas Mega Auction. ย Watch this space if you would like to become the owner of the very last PDWRA fawn and black Cuddly Pugs – these were a limited edition, and no more will be produced.

Limited Edition Cuddly Fawn Pug

Limited Edition Cuddly Black Pug

Some fawn and some black Poorly Paw Pugs are still available. ย These are also a limited edition, and are selling fast.

Poorly Pugs

They make ideal Christmas presents, as they are very easy to send by post!